Apr 2011

The Day’s Perfect Beer On Gansett For Marathon Monday

The beer blog known as The Day’s Perfect Beer just wrote about Narragansett lager as the drink of choice today for Marathon Monday and Patriots Day in Boston. Writer Zachary Doyle talks about this past weekend’s Beer Summit in Boston and how Gansett is always around for the marathon. Here’s what he had to say:

With the Boston Marathon just about starting up, there will be no shortage of Narragansett around.  The Narragansett Brewery just partook in the Beer Summit this past weekend in Boston and is featured in bars throughout the city.  Every year Narragansett comes to town to support and celebrate the Boston Marathon and every year runners and fans alike choose “Gansett”.

Brewed in New England(Rhone Island), this American Lager is the perfect drinking beer.  The beer has a cheerios and grassy taste to it(sounds odd, but surprisingly good).  There’s nothing extraordinary about this lager, just a solid crisp and clean tasting beer.  It’s also relatively inexpensive(depending on where you are), and a great alternative to Bud or Miller.  You can’t really stop after one Narragansett and I wouldn’t consider this a “session” beer.  It’s more of a beer to enjoy when you’re drinking more than one with friends.

With a warm day ahead and sports dominating the scene in Boston, the refreshing Narragansett is the obvious choice.