Apr 2011

MyStory: Tasty Skateboards And Narragansett Beer

My names Patrick Scully and I own a skateboard company, Tasty Skateboards out of Worcester, Massachusetts. I am a big fan of Narragansett Beer and have been hyping it up in the Worcester area for some time. I spin vinyl records at Ralph’s Bar every Tuesday, TURN TABLE TUESDAY.  We include “Ice Cold Narragansetts available upon request” on every flyer i draw for Ralph’s. We recently went on a U.S. Tour which lasted a month and a half. Upon returning to Worcester we were in dire need of Narragansetts. Grabbed a Case from our local package store, Austin’s in Worcester, and made this cool commercial. Hope you enjoy it…..

We also just built a Narragansett kicker ramp that doubles as a cooler to keep our Gansetts’ Ice Cold. “Built on Honor, Skated on Merit”. We are filming some new commercials and plan on building a Narragansett “LOGGER” quarter-pipe that is going to be 6 feet tall with LOG Coping for an upcoming fundraiser for WORCIDE V.T. Project which is a D.I.Y.  local skateboard park we are building for our great city of Worcester. We are supporting the cause!

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