Mar 2011

Reviews: Boston Globe On Gansett Porter!

Photo: stevegarfield flickr

The Boston Globe recently posted the “Three dark beers to beat the winter cold” on Boston.com. Gansett porter proudly made the cut and here is Steve Greenlee’s review:

Now that Narragansett beers are being brewed again, the label is experimenting with some new (and old) styles. Narragansett Porter — which was known affectionately as ’Gansett Dark during its heyday in Rhode Island — is available in 16-ounce “tallboy’’ cans. It was reintroduced this winter as a seasonal, and there’s plenty of it around.

If you like porters, you should look for this. At $8 for a six-pack, ’Gansett Porter is a good deal for a good beer. (Since it’s brewed under the supervision of Trinity Brew House in Providence, that should come as no shock.) It pours a deep, dark brown with a gigantic frothy head and a thick ring of lacing that lingers all the way to the end.

This beer is all about its robust malts. It smells like coffee, toffee, and chocolate, and notes of coffee, vanilla, caramel, and semisweet chocolate are all there on the taste. Believe it or not, ’Gansett Porter beer pairs well with desserts. I can personally vouch for the fact that it’s perfect with homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.

Style: Porter. ABV: 7 percent. Price: $8 for a six-pack.

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