Mar 2011

Beer Advocate Highly Rates Gansett Bock With An A-

The reviews are in and Gansett bock is a hit. Beer Advocate rated our bock beer with an A- and Jason Alstrom already posted his review. Here is what he had to say about our newest spring seasonal.

Suds reach high and lacing is epic with a shiny copper clarity beneath. Subtle aroma of Oily, herbal and leafy hoppiness that rests on a fresh cut grass and bready maltiness. Just enough crispness to cut through the creamy medium body that seems to have a bit of heft to it but not too heavy to detract from its drinkablility. Wave of malt sweetness brings fresh baked shortbread and crackers to mind. Hops are a bit aggressive with a more drawn out bitterness rather than a quick sting, this later translates into a leafy herbal flavor. Hops stick to the palate just as long as the toasty character of the malt does even when the dry finish wants to end things.

Wow … I’ll be hunting for cases very soon. One of the best spring seasonals I have run into in years.