Feb 2011

This Weekend’s Gansett Promos And Tastings!

That ‘Gansett Girls are coming to a bar near you. This weekend we have two great promos on Saturday night. For all Rhode Islanders, don’t miss the legendary Steve Smith & The Nakeds as they will be performing live at The Apartment 373 Richmond Street in Providence. For those of you who don’t know, The Apartment is the newest beer bar minutes from downtown Providence in the space formerly known as Jake’s. They will be having live music so what better way to check out a new spot than with Gansett Girls and music from Rhode Island’s premiere rhyhtm & blues band. Then get ready for a great night of sports action at the Lazy Dog Sports Bar, 31 Main Street in Marlbnoro, MA. Quite a few TV’s around the bar to catch a game. Maybe they have some sweet replays of Ray Allen’s record breaking 3pt throw. The Gansett Girls will be there from 8:30-10:30 raffling off all sorts of great Gansett Gear prizes and playing rebus puzzle games with our coasters. Either promo will be a good time.

Package stores are always packed on Fridays after work with everyone loading up with beer for the weekend. So tonight we have two great tastings in Rhode Island. You can to either of these stores, sample a Gansett and take home a Gansett Girl calendar or even a t-shirt. Now how does that sound. For south county we’ll be at Kingstown Liquor Mart, 6800 Post Road in North Kingstown from 4 to 6pm today. For any near the capital city we’ll be at Bottles Inc. near Eastside Marketplace on Pitman Street in Providence from 3:30 to 7:30pm. Both stores will be stocked with plenty of cold Narragansett lager, porter and light beers. Decisions, decisions?