Jan 2011

Weekend Recap: Troy Brown Appearances

Announcing Troy Brown at Caporales Liquor in Wakefield, MA

Troy Brown visited the North Shore of Massachusetts this past Sunday and made popped into some local package stores to sign autographs and sell some ‘Gansett. Here’s how each went with photos below.

Caporale’s- Wakefield
There was a line the length of the building for the entire time Troy Brown was there.  He handled about 150 people.  Most of the crowd was families, and about ¾ of them bought Gansett.  We sold around 40 or so cases.  Folks were mainly buying 12-pack bottles, although a few took sixes of the porter and tall boys.  Barbara and Troy were great at getting folks to buy the beer, with Troy saying “do it for me” quite a bit. We were pouring samples of both lager and porter, and most folks had either never had Gansett or not for a long time.  Most everyone loved it.  The craft drinkers all went straight for our porter.  Everyone was thrilled to meet Troy and the crowd was great. ‘Gansett will be featured at this store for a while so stock up!

Line for Troy at Caporales

Lynnway- Lynn

The line here was steady and long.  Here, folks were buying mostly six-packs of porter and lager.  All together we sold about 20 cases.  Again, we had samples of both, and only a handful of folks had ever tried the beer. Everyone was completely pumped to have this event at their spot and gushed over Troy.  They had him sign stuff for their staff.  Here too, we will be featured for a while so stock up North Shore, there’s a Nor’easter coming!

Troy and Cliff at Lynnway Liquors in Lynn, MA

Troy Signing at Lynnway

-Eric Spitz