Dec 2010

Weekend Recap: Tampa Am, NFL Party, Holiday For Humane And PUMA Ocean Racing

Gansett is now the official beer at The Skate Park Of Tampa in Florida. Here is a video from Colin Clark and some photos and notes from Rob Meronek the first day of Tampa Am last week.

Did I see nolllie flip backside noseblunt slide? Wow. No one cut the budget on practice. There’s some ripping skating, ripping chilling, break dancing, checking-in, and a quick chat with Theotis on what shoes he’s going to skate in on this video from Colin Clark at the first day of Tampa Am.

Thanks for the free sauce. I wasn't expecting it to be all that good, but this beer was great. Give it a try if you're 21, it's free. That's in everyone's budget.

Aging budgets have also been cut. None of us are allowed to get any older. Big Al and Paul Zitzer are kids for life now. Skater Profile: Paul Zitzer

Elisha and Seamus are all about the Kenny Powers graphic. Brittany doesn't want to hear it.

Misha Cracker and the homies from Isreal. I wish I had room for you all to skate the Contest. Rodney Johnson made some new friends as you all should be doing this weekend. Skater Profile: Misha Cracker

Sierra and Sasha, making the welcome warmer despite the sun's cutbacks.

Now that Gansett is in Philly we can sponsor some great events there. Just like the NFL Players Association Party last week at Water Works. The Gansett Girls were there with some samples of our lager and raffling off Gansett Gear for prizes. They had a blast at their first Philly event. Here are some photos of the girls and attendees at the party.

Gansett Girls Shealyn and Liz were at JAX Food & Games in Killington, VT last week for a great event to benefit the Humane Society during Monday Night Football game (Pats vs. Jets). Everyone loved the premium swag (hoodies, winter hats) that we gave out.  They also had fun with our coasters.We “sampled” Lager, Light AND Porter in small 3oz glasses.  One of the first bars in VT to carry Porter and Light.  They carry 16oz cans of all three.  Kevin Olaynack is a big Gansett fan and has been very helpful in selling Gansett at Jax.  This event was held for him as he’s also a dog fan. So thanks to Kevin for having us there for this. Can’t wait for the next one.

Here are some great photos from a PUMA Ocean Racing gathering at New England Boatworks in Newport, RI that Narragansett Beer sponsord.  The party was in the boat shed. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.