Dec 2010

Reviews: Parched No More Enjoys Gansett Porter

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Narragansett, Porter by J Frazzetta

Bottle/Tap: 16oz can

I love a good porter.  Porters are brewed with darker malts and have a frothy look when you  pour them out.  You can often describe a porter by calling it stout, but if you are talking  about a stout beer, you are really talking about a cousin of porter.  In the long tradition of dark beers, you can place Narragansett’s Porter in that fabled history.

Nothing says winter in New England like drinking a dark beer on a cold evening while the snow pounds your house.  All right, so there hasn’t been much snow yet, but that would be the typical scene for enjoying a dark beer knowing you don’t have to go out and shovel.  The best part about this porter is the fact that it comes in Tallboy cans; any excuse to use my big glass is a good one in my book.

The beer had chilled for a little while before I poured it out and let it sit.  I enjoyed the aroma of dark, smoky malts and a caramel-like scent as well.  I had a taste and found it to be refreshing and smooth.  It had that jet black look to it and I noticed a coffee flavor in there as well.

If you are from New England you would classify this as a ‘dahk beer’ that isn’t very bitter but is easy to drink.  Over the course of time I had the beer come to temperature and enjoyed the flavors a lot more.  Swirling it in my glass helped kill the leftover carbonation and bring the bigger flavors to the forefront.

Overall this was another solid outing by Narragansett.  If you are looking for a new porter this winter or would like to try a local brew, depending on where you live, I suggest finding a six pack of these tall boys and having a good evening.