Dec 2010

New Gansett Gear: Gansett Jewelry

Nothing makes a better gift for your significant other, than some jewelry. Especially when it’s locally made and hand crafted from recycled materials. Local jewelry maker, Patrick McMillan of McMillan Metals has produced some amazing ‘Gansett inspired artisan jewelry. Just like the Hi Neighbor Earrings above all pieces are made using recycled Narragansett cans. We’ve seen these and ensure you they are safe and high quality. All are available on webstore, but for a limited time only. So grab them today. Click here to order the above earrings for only $17.00. Here is the complete line of jewelry available.

3 Ships Necklace – $27.00 – Click here to purchase!

1/4″ Lager Bangle – $17.50 each – Click here to purchase!

1/2″ Lager Bangle – $20.00 each – Click here to purchase!

For more on Patrick’s work visit PatrickMcMillan.net.