Dec 2010

‘Gansett Makes Cocktails For Everyone’s Gift Idea List

Day 7 of Our “25 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas”

Day 7 is for the beer lover in your life…

My guest on Episode 2 was Mark Hellendrung, CEO of Narragansett Beer. Narragansett is an iconic New England beer that had disappeared until Mark resurrected it back in ’05. Brewed since 1890, ‘Gansett has played a prominent role in New England for over 100 years – during its glory days, the Rhode Island brewery produced almost two million barrels of beer per year and the company employed roughly 850 people. A great gift would be one of their metal buckets ($12), a pint glass ($5.50), a hat ($16) and a 6 pack of ‘Gansett beer.

We actually recommend everyone read this too. It goes great with ‘Gansett.

If you’re feeling festive, add a copy of George Wendt’s book “Drinking With George” ($10 paperback on Amazon)….he and beer have shared a lot over the years: good times, great stories, useless trivia, and a successful show business career. In Drinking with George, Wendt invites readers to crack open a cold one and pull up a seat at the bar as he celebrates the intoxicating beverage, telling hilarious and frank tales of his own imbibing adventures—from taking a first sip of his grandfather’s Bud as a child to a beer-fueled impromptu performance with Woody Harrelson and the U.S. Women’s Synchronized Swimming Team… no, he wasn’t a guest, but I tried!