Dec 2010

Band Of The Week: The Tower And The Fool

Click here to listen to The Tower And The Fool – Breach

And here for The Tower And The Fool – Fade Away

The Tower and The Fool initially started as a songwriting project between friends Alex Correia and Chris Rosenquest. As the recording of the CD drew near, the idea of adding additional musicians to fill out the recorded songs interested the duo.

To fill out the line up, Correia and Rosenquest added the drumming of their producer/friend Mike Poorman (ex-Hot Rod Circuit), Jon Tucker on bass, Zac Clark on keys, and long time friend Chris Capaldi on lead and slide guitars. Capaldi was featured prominently on Rosenquest’s first recorded solo EP.

What happened after the recording seemed like a natural step to take for the duo. After hearing the songs with their full instrumentation, Correia and Rosenquest decided to permanently add the additional line up, making The Tower and The Fool a full time band.

Make sure you are at the Narragansett beer 120th Anniversary Party to see these guys live! It’s Wednesday, December 29 at The Met in Pawtucket. Click here for tickets and more info on that. And watch for the new self-titled CD early this month or download it now on Bandcamp. Check the bands Myspace page for show dates and more info.