Dec 2010

Band Of The Week: Sharks Come Cruisin’

Wayward Boys by Sharks Come Cruisin’ from Travis Huggett on Vimeo.

Inspired by Quint’s rendition of ‘Spanish Ladies’ in the film Jaws, Sharks Come Cruisin’ combines traditional songs of sailing, whaling, drinking and sinking with drums, bass, guitar and lots of hollering.

Lotsa banjo, fiddle, accordion, two-steppin’ kinda tempos and robust, absurdly catchy shout-along choruses.
And a million bands coulda fucked this up royally, but these guys sound like they’re having more
goddamned FUN than almost anyone I’ve heard this century.
the Noise, rock around Boston

Sharks Come Cruisin are easily on the same playing field as bands like Flogging Molly, The Pogues
and The Tossers, minus the Irish-ness. People who like songs to sing along to, or songs about the sea,
will love this
theplaylist.net .

Sharks Come Cruisin’ present the songs complete with cue cards for the crowd to join in the chorus.
While many compare SCC’s sound to the Dropkick Murphys, they’re closer to Great Big Sea in that
they’re fairly true to the original songs, without trying to punk them up.
75 0r less records

Visit SharksComeCruisin.com for a complete list of shows, photos, music and more! Don’t miss them live at the Narragansett beer 120th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, December 29 at The Met in Pawtucket. Doors at 7pm and tickets are just $10. Click here for tickets and more info on the show.