Dec 2010

120th Anniversary Party Recap!

Another epic night in Narragansett history. Last night we celebrated 120 years of brewing greatness in not just Rhode Island, but New England. Folks came from all over to party with us on the exact date 120 years later of the Narragansett brewery opening at The Met in Pawtucket, RI. What a fabulous evening it was too. Five great bands from the New England area shared the stage and rocked the packed house. We have to thank to Michelle Lewis, The Tower & The Fool, the ‘Mericans, Sharks Come Cruisin’ and of course Steve Smith & The Nakeds for keeping the dance floor going all night. The ‘Gansett Girls ran around signing calendars for everyone and taking photos with fans. Which of course all photos as promised are below in the gallery. Hopefully you see yourself and can post it to your Facebook page. A huge thank you to the wonderful crew at Providence Pinup and their photographer Stephanie Resendes for all the fantastic photos. They captured the evening just perfectly. Our owner, Mark Hellendrung, gave a speech about Gansett’s history and our future with a new brewery here in RI. You can see that in full in the video below. If you missed this, then don’t worry. It was such a huge success that we have to do it again. Hi Neighbor, Have a ‘Gansett!