Nov 2010

Weekend Recap: NH Brewers Festival

Gansett Girl KatieLynn sportin' her vintage hat!

This past Saturday, Narragansett Beer poured at the 2nd Annual NH Brewers Festival in Manchester aka Manch-vegas. This being out first year of participation, the overall reaction to having Narragansett was amazing, as thirsty souls lined up during both sessions. Although we were only pouring Lager, many people were attune to our seasonals, and although disappointed it wasn’t available (production reasons), looked forward to buying the Porter when it hits shelves in a few weeks.  Until next year! Check out the photo gallery below!

In fact, Jason from Ancient Fine Wine Blog loved Gansett at the festival so much he included it in the Biggest Surprise category on his recap blog. Here’s what he had to say:

With a 120 year story in each can of Narragansett Lager I had no idea what to expect. I’m too young to have enjoyed any of the production prior the closure of the original incarnation of the brewery, and this event was the first time I had actually come across any from the new version of the brand. Pouring as a light golden colored lager I was unsure as to whether the same old Bud/Miller/Coors tastes were awaiting me. But not so! This beer is very bright and refreshing with flavors of grains and a nice clean finish. Very smooth and definitely drinkable. I would recommend this to folks who want to drink a little piece of New England beer history.