Oct 2010

This Weekend: Boston Lobster Party And Salem Harvest Fest

The Boston Lobster Party @ The Trolley Barn
Saturday, October 16th
540 Harrison Ave, Boston
Boston needs an event to celebrate one of its finest culinary traditions. It’s a fact. On Saturday, October 16, at the Trolley Barn in the South End, join us for an afternoon of great food and great beer. Your ticket will get you:

* A lobster themed plate lunch put together by the great minds behind Garden at the Cellar, Petit Robert Bistro, South End Buttery, Turner Fisheries, Union, Gaslight, Wicked Kickn’ Cheesecake, and Trina’s Starlight Lounge.
* Tasty beer samples from 15 local or craft breweries.
* Delicious lines. (Seriously, feeding lunch to 1K people is going to take a second, but we’re working on making the lunch lines move quickly. Bring some friends and try some beers as the lines move towards their amazing conclusion.)

If the awesome lunch and excellent beer isn’t enough for you, all proceeds after expenses from this event will benefit Community Servings, Share our Strength, and Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

Salem Harvest Fest @ Knights of Columbus
Saturday, October 16th
94 Washington Square, Salem
Session 1: 2:00p-4:30p
Session 2: 5:30p-8:00p
Join Gansett for the 4th Annual Salem Harvest Fest. Harvest Fest is a celebration of wine, beer, mead, food and great live music! Your ticket is a passport to a journey of tasting the finest fermented beverages from Europe, the Americas, and Down Under.