Sep 2010

Weekend Recap: Gansett Girl Bar Nights

Just because Summer is over, doesn’t mean people stop buying beer. The Fall is just as exciting and enjoyable. With returning college students entering their senior year and now 21, they are out in full swing. Plus our new Fest beer has been on fire and a perfect taste for the season. So the Gansett Girls have been going around to some of these great bars and sampling the Fest to the customers and playing some cool games for Gansett Gear. Karaoke and trivia nights are always fun too. Of course, the bars are still carrying Gansett lager and that’s always a hit. Last week, they were at Ladder 133 in Providence, Rhody Joe’s and the Bon Vue in Narragansett, RI and Regina Pizza in Medford, MA. They even hit the Oyster Fest at Hemenways in Providence. Make sure you keep up with our events calendar to see where they’ll be next and check our the gallery below. Maybe you’re in one of the photos. Taste & Enjoy a Gansett, neighbor!