Sep 2010

Reviews: More Fun With Beer Hypes Gansett Lager

Narragansett Lager

There are endless possibilities for pairing food with beer. It’s fun to experiment with different varieties of dishes and beer styles to find which ones work best. Finding the right match takes a little practice, creativity, and for me mostly luck.

Tonight I am eating Mahi-Mahi topped with spinach and mushrooms and chow mien noodles on the side. To go with the meal I have chosen a Narragansett Lager.

There is fish under all that spinach

The beer pours a dashing golden color with remarkable clarity. A big white head disappears as quickly as it forms. A very clean aroma, as expected with the style, faint bready pale malt scent with hints of mineral and lemon. The taste is excellently crisp with a light body for easy drinking. Cereal grain flavor throughout with soft bread crust and a semi sweet finish.

What a great food pairing! Narragansett’s clean pale flavor harmonizes beautifully with the lightness of the fish and vegetables. Neither beer nor food steals the spotlight. The tangy sauce covering the noodles blends well with the malty sweetness and subtle fruit flavors delivered in every sip. The beer produces barely any aftertaste, cleaning the palate completely as I am ready to guzzle some more. I hit the nail on the head with this one.

After thoroughly enjoying my meal, I did a little research on this tasty lager. Narragansett dates back to 1888 in Cranston, Rhode Island. By 1955, Narragansett was the best selling beer in New England and even became the official beer of the Boston Red Sox. A cheap delicious and refreshing lager that goes well with food, I’ll take this over many American Adjunct Lagers dominating the market today.