Sep 2010

Happy Neighbor Day!

Today, we at Narragansett Beer encourage all of our fans to celebrate Neighbor Day with us.  Neighbor Day is a day of New England neighborliness. You probably saw all the Gansett displays in many of our best stores, tastings of our brand new Fest beer, and give aways at a number of Gansett promotions.  So make sure that you celebrate the spirit of the day with everyone you know.  Neighbor Day is a day to stop and smell the roses (or beer).  It’s a day to say “Hi Neighbor” to your best friend, co-worker, or that guy who lives in your apartment complex that you’ve walked past 100 times but never actually met.  It’s a day to be real with yourself and have a little fun in the process.  It’s a “No BS” day.  It’s a “Have your beer and drink it too” day.  It’s “Buy Grandpa a Sixer” day.  It’s “shave off all the weekend facial hair growth except the mustache” day.  It’s “make someone else’s day a little better” day.  It’s “I’m going to eat a big fat burrito dripping with sour cream for lunch today and what the heck I’m going to buy one for that cute chick in HR too” day.  You get the point.  And in honor of this greatest of holidays, we at Gansett are in search of New England’s Greatest Neighbor.  So send us a story telling us why your neighbor is the best neighbor this side of the Hudson River, and you just might win the grand prize…a pair of Pats tickets (Section 128) for the Oct 17th game against the Ravens for you and your neighbor.  5 Runners up will receive Gansett “Hi Neighbor” swag.  So send us your stories of friendship, hard work, kindliness, or whatever makes your neighbor great, and help us make Neighbor Day a special day this year. Please send all stories to contact@narragansettbeer.com by the end of the day today. Be a good neighbor and have a ‘Gansett!