Aug 2010

Weekend Recap: JAWS And Wine Fest

Quint 2

This year marks the 35th anniversary of JAWS. By far one of the coolest movies ever made. It also remains a top grossing film. To celebrate, Gansett teamed up with the Somerville Theatre for a two-night only showing. It was like watching the film for the first time. As if we haven’t seen it a million times already, but there was just something about the atmosphere that the Somerville Theatre offers. The smell of the popcorn and the sound of Gansett tall boys cracking made the experience even better. People jumped at the scene when Ber Gardner’s head popped out of the hole in the hull of his boat and Hooper dropped the giant shark tooth. They cheered when Quint chugged the can of Narragansett beer and literally crushed it. And once you heard the words, “Smile you son-of-a…” from Chief Brody and saw the shark explode everyone roared with excitement. Yes it was a great evening in Davis Square. Over 500 people came out for the 8pm showing on the first night and the line for a Gansett was down to the basement.

WIne Fest3

The Newport Wine Fest took place this past weekend and was three days of fun at the Newport Yachting Center. But there wasn’t just wine there. They had food from some of the area’s top restaurants and of course a beer garden stocked with cold samples of both Gansett lager and light. The Gansett Girls set-up a booth playing some games for Gansett Gear and having everyone sign our petition to help build a brewery. The Gansett table was exactly what people were looking for to help quench their thirst. The Gansett Girls maintained a nice line for the majority of the festival. Towards the end a bunch of Gansett enthusiasts showed up and the girls marked them with Gansett temporary tattoos. One guy thought he was getting a Gansett tattoo and instead we slipped in an “I love Bieber” tattoo. Everyone around laughed and said, “This is the best vendor tent at Wine Fest!” Throughout the day they also had Gansett lovers stopping by to tell stories of the old Gansett Brewery and to show their support for the new brewery. People were impressed and proud of their beer for the growth and success that it has shown over the past few years since revival! It was a great event and we can’t wait for Wine Fest next year.

Wine Fest

Wine Fest2