Aug 2010

Weekend Recap: Clambake At George’s For 120th Party!


The Gansett Girls hit up Georges Of Galilee in Narragansett, RI for another one our 120th Anniversary Celebrations this past Sunday afternoon. This time it was a clambake style. Well at least in the spirit of a New England Clambake. George’s chefs, using the recipe from our Clam Can, had the clam boil for the special that afternoon. So there was no seaweed or collecting of rocks and firewood. It was so delicious and went perfect with a Gansett or Gansett light. Everyone walked out of the happy and full. The ‘Gansett Girls were on-site with our petition to help build a brewery and all sorts of great prizes. The ‘Gansett team gave a speech about our 120th year. Those who took the pledge received a loyalty card, a wooden nickel for a free ‘Gansett that night and entered into our shwag raffle. Here is the photo gallery from the day.