Jul 2010

Lager Reviews: DRAFT Magazine, July/August 2010


The recent issue of DRAFT Magazine is out and it’s definitely worth picking up. Just check out the Brew Review excerpt above. They reviewed Narragansett lager and gave us a well deserved rating of 93. The highest amongst the other Premium American Lagers they reviewed. CLICK HERE to read the full article online.

Review reads:Hover over this flawlessly clear, bright-gold brew and inhale: A sweet grainy aroma with a slight perfumy hop whiff rises from the dense, fluffy white head. On the front of the tongues, sweet grains dance fleetingly as hop bitterness rises mid-sip to jumpstart this brew’s crisp finish. Despite the bubbly carbonation, sweet malts maintain a soft, almost creamy texture on the tongue that lingers into the finish. While a grainy tang hangs on post-swallow, this brew excels with a refreshing, clean mouthfeel that’s both quenching and inviting of another sip.