Apr 2010

In The News: Wicked Summah

With the popularity of one television show new ones following it’s format will always pop up. In this case, MTV’s hit Jersey Shore (which already features a Rhode Island native, DJ Pauly D) is inspiring Massholes to jump on the bandwagon. Go figure! They’re calling it Wicked Summah and getting ready to film this Summer on Cape Cod. In fact the casting call was announced just a few weeks ago. Ironically enough they mention Narragansett light in it saying, “You’ll pahty on the beaches of Cape where cases of Narragansett Light are on every Celtics towel next to a bottle of baby oil and a can of hair spray!” That pretty much sums up what we’re in for with this show. Hopefully we’ll see the ‘Gansett flowing throughout scenes like the Cape Cod Canal! Click here to read more in the New York Post. And if you think you fit the demographic for this show then visit wickedsummahcasting.com for more info and how to apply. Pahty on dude-bro!