Apr 2010

In The News: Gansett’s One Millionth Case

The release of our one millionth case has been getting everyone excited. A couple of great beer blogs have posted the video of Mark at the brewery and talk about how exciting it is for us. Here’s what 2 Beer Guys had to say:


On April 1st 2010, Narragansett Beer announces the production of its one millionth case since President and CEO Mark Hellendrung bought back the brand in 2005 and began a campaign to revitalize ‘Gansett.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of Narragansett, making it the oldest brew in New England. Throughout the year, ‘Gansett has planned its very own Whistle Stop Tour with events throughout New England, culminating in a major blow-out anniversary celebration on December 29th in Rhode Island.

Watch Mark at the brewery to send off ‘Gansett’s millionth case to its final destination (1 millionth case), wherever that may be! Check back often to www.NarragansettBeer.com to track the progress of the case as it makes its way through New England this month.

Ludwig Roars – The Beer Festival Calendar Blog

Beer Travel…in Reverse

Most of us have traveled–sometimes a long way–for beer. Now the tables have been turned. Recently, the one-millionth case of Narragansett beer rolled off the line and the brewery has enlisted the help of YouTube to follow the Gansetts’ journey from the brewery to some lucky drinker in New England.

Here’s the first installment: