Apr 2010

Bar Of The Week: Silhouette Lounge

Silhouette Lounge, 200 Brighton Ave., Allston, MA (617) 206-4565

“This Silhouette”, “The Sil”, “The place at the corner where the beers are cold and cheap”, – these are all terms used to describe a lot of peoples favorite Allston/Brighton bar. Located at 200 Brighton Ave, the Silhouette is an oasis in an area filled with college bars and Bud Light. Named after a popular doo-wop group, the bar opened its doors in 1964, and didn’t change hands until 1980, when “Joe” as people call him, took control. Known for its laid back vibe and affordable beers/cocktails, the Sil is a big hangout with area musicians and people in the know. So take it from us, and next time you find yourself in Allston/Brighton, take a stroll down Brighton Ave towards the illumiated Gansett sign, and enjoy not only ice cold Gansett draft, but 16oz cans if you prefer your beer tall boy style. Oh, and be sure to tell our favorite British bartender Sarah “hello” – she’s the best!