Mar 2010

Events: Newport St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Start the St. Patrick’s week off right with none other that Narragansett beer and Rhode Island’s own Sharks Come Cruisin’. That’s right we are going to have the most rockin’ float at this year’s St. Patrick’s parade in Newport. Better get down there early this Saturdaybecuase it’s going to be nuts. The craziness all starts at 11 am. We”ll have the band with the Gansett Girls and whole gang singing sea shanties on the float. So come down for the sing-along and have a ‘Gansett. Listen to Sharks Come Cruisin’ on MySpace!

If you are heading to South Boston on Sunday for their paradel, then stop at either Playwright, Boston Beer Garden or Junction and have a ‘Gansett.