Feb 2010

Winner Of The URI Miss Hi Neighbor Pageant

It was one of the greatest nights of all time. Narragansett beer held the Miss Hi Neighbor Pageant for URI last night at Rhody Joes in Wakefield, RI. Tons of students came out to cheer on their friends and watch the spectacle that was about to occur. A total of ten girls participated but only one took home the crown. Congratulations to contestant 10 for becoming the 2010 Miss Hi Neighbor for the University of Rhode Island. She was practically in tears when we handed her the crown and sash. But everyone seemed to be a winner last night. The music was bumping and the ‘Gansett was flowing. Everyone was on their feet cheering and dancing. The highlight was definitely when the finalists got up on the bar and danced to Cherry Pie Coyote Ugly style. That’s just how we do. But who was lucky enough to be the Master of this Ceremony? Mat and Ted were fighting for the spot so they had to settle it by a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Ted came out victor and Mat got stuck judging. What a shame. All of the girls were very pretty and talented, it made it hard for the judges. We definitely want to thank Amanda from Rhody Joes for helping make the decision a little easier for us. But in the end we could only choose one. The winner will make a great Hi Neighbor girl for her school. She also wins twelve cases of delicious Narragansett beer and a photoshoot provided by Providence Pinup. What a fabulous evening she had. Just check out the above video and see for yourself. Below is the gallery of photos of the girls and Gansett team. Even Clammie and Tall Boy crashed the party and started dancing with the girls. We hope to see you at the next Miss Hi Neighbor Pageant.

ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS-SHOT for the MC position….