Feb 2010

Wall Of Fame: Clam Chant


Meet Clam pictured above. His birthday was not until the end of December. After driving to three different package stores in South Boston, we we’re finally able to find Clam’s present which consisted of five sixers of Narragansett tall boys.  If you are wondering what he’s doing in the picture…It is called the Clam Chant. You interlock your hands above your head and then continuously slap your elbows together while yelling clam. When this chant occurs with a group of people at a bar, Clam must chug whatever beverage he has in his hands. We only do it for the sake of comedy (It’s a goofball thing, not a macho thing) and it’s a crowd favorite. We would like to offer the Clam Chant to all the patrons of Narragansett Beer.


We also take pictures doing the Clam Chant at every special location we go to.  This is know as “Clamming” a location.  The second picture above is us Clamming a Costa Rican waterfall taken two weeks after Clam’s birthday.


We encourage everyone who might enjoy a “Clamming around the world with a ‘Gansett” picture to please send it to us.