Feb 2010

Gansett Ran The First Ad During A Sports Game

As many of us are about to enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend, here’s a great article about big corporate advertisers on the blog Beersignsandmore.com.

“Rumor has it that Narragansett was the first beer to advertise during a televised sporting event, during a Red Sox game in 1945.”

But what’s also noteworthy is the comment at the end of the article:

“One of the casualties of this massive spending has been the local brewery who cannot hope to compete with the large, multi-national brewing companies. Forced off the airways, they have been forced to depend on limited local advertising and word of mouth recommendations to stay in business”

So while you won’t see any ‘Gansett ads during the Super Bowl, you can enjoy many of our ads right here on our website. Why not pass them along?
And you can always go down to your local packie, grab a case of Gansett and share it with some friends while you watch big corporations spend their money trying to convince you to choose their beer. You know better.