Jan 2010

In The News: Lost In The Beer Aisle

Narragansett Beer Father’s Day Tie Design Contest


Today I received an interesting promotional email from Narragansett. I thought it was a cool concept and wanted to share with you folks. The contest involves designing a wacky father’s day tie. This is the third year that the Rhode Island based brewery has held the contest.

You definitely won’t find me entering the contest. My artistic capabilities would yield a tie with stick figures drinking from….well, beer bottles that resemble sticks. Hopefully some of you out there are more talented than I.

So what do you stand to win? BEER OF COURSE! A Case of Narragansett Lager to be specific. If that wasn’t enough, there are cash prizes too. And lets not forget that the winning tie will be given away in liquor stores around the father’s day season (with beer purchase). The tie will also be available year round on the Narragansett website.

You can read all the details of the contest on the Narragansett website.

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