Dec 2009

Clam Shack Of The Week: Nick-A-Nees


Nick-A-Nees, 75 South Street, Providence, RI 02903 (401) 861-7290

Nick-A-Nees is a favorite local watering hole in the Providence neighborhood known as the Jewelery District. Which received this nickname since the old brick buildings still standing were once home to some of the world’s largest jewelery manufacturers. That industry may have moved off shore, which is a blog for another day, but this side of town has never lost it’s appeal. Several of those old mills are now home to other local businesses. Just like the old sound of the 5 O’clock bell, their employees gather at Nick-A-Nees for a tall boy of ‘Gansett and some after-work conversation. Mingling with local artists and musicians, the patrons will also fill their bellies with some of the small fare Nick-A-Nees has to offer. Most notably their stuffie. What’s a stuffie? It’s a delicious Rhode Island concoction of our favorite shellfish, the quohog, and simple bread stuffing. There are of course variations of this recipe, but Nick-A-Nees seems to do it best. Simply mix the stuffing with the steamed quohog, bake in the remaining half-shell and enjoy! A great after-work snack or a pre-dinner appetizer, the stuffed quohog is best washed down with a cold can of ‘Gansett. Later in the evenings, Nick-A-Nees host some great live music. So whether it’s after-work or an evening out, next time you are in the neighborhood, stop by!