Nov 2009

Porter Review: Seen Through A Glass

Narragansett Porter — WOW!

This is easily the most pleasant beer surprise I’ve had in a while.  Well…beer tasting surprise; the Penn revival noted below was pretty damned pleasant (as was the Yuengling Porter discovery that I still have to write about). But this is about the flavor.

Gansett Porter

The first time I wrote about Narragansett was back in February. They sent me some samples of the Lager for a story I was writing (for American Brewer, about how they were reviving the brand, and doing a nice job of it). I wanted Porter then, because Narragansett Porter was the last ‘Gansett beer I’d had, waaaaay back in the dawn of my beer-drinking days, and I wanted the cyclical part of it. They didn’t have any. Humph.

Then I got an e-mail about a bit launch of Porter, so I said yes, I’d like some. And a sixer showed up. Well, as I’d posted on Facebook, my tasting table’s kinda full, so it took a week or so to get around to chilling one, which I did Monday night.

Wow! This is great stuff! Cottrell Brewing’s doing it for them under contract, and they’re doing a nice job. It’s plenty dark, with a great tan cap of foam, a chocolatey aroma that follows through in the mouth, with just enough roasty cut at the end to clean things up for the next swallow. I had it with our pork and onions favorite (recipe here, simple and delicious), and it was awesome. So I wanted another, and I had one, just now. Still great stuff. Wonder if I can get it here?

(Speaking of great stuff…I picked up Nora early at school today, and took her to lunch at the General Lafayette. I had a cask Pacific Pale Ale that was great, dry and hoppy, with a rare Steak Frites that was probably the very best food I’ve ever had at the General; great fries (salt and pepper’d fresh-cuts) and a very toothsome piece of beef, done just to my order. Nice work on the kitchen recovery, Chris!)