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Let’s face it, ‘Gansett belongs in New England. And that’s exactly where we intend to build our new brewery.

In order to build a full-scale brewery we need to sell 7.5 million cases a year. However, we can feasibly build a smaller-scale brewery at around the 1 million case plateau (or sooner). That’s where you come in! Helping out is easy. You can:

1. Sign our petition below

2. Buy a case

3. Tell us if your local bar or packie doesn’t carry ‘Gansett

Do all three and really help us out!

Remember, the more cases we sell and the more bars that carry our beer, the closer we get to building the brewery. Do it for New England, it deserves to have its beer back!

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Hod Rod's, New London CT

Loved the Coffee Milk Stout this winter. Found it once at Gordon's Yellow Front Wines but could not find it again, it flew off the shelves. Really enjoying the Bohemian Pilsner! Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Jim Draper       

Cannonball Pub @ Cannon Mountain - Yes
Wood River Golf Course - Hope Valley RI - No

I am a dedicated ambassador of Narragansett and also reside therein. I would kill for a Narragansett Snowboard like the one hanging over the bar at the Cannonball. I am a ski and board instructor there and at Yawgoo Valley @ The Max - yes

Loved the Coffee Stout. What's up with the Shandy?

Posted by: Claude Watsky       

Funck's Restaurant
664 W. Main Street
Palmyra, PA 17078
(717) 838-1611

Moose's LZ Bar and Grill
211 Fisher Ave
Jonestown, PA 17038
(717) 865-6009

Hershey Houlihan’s
27 W. Chocolate Ave
Hershey, PA 17033
(717) 534-3110

Posted by: Dylan       

Bar Name: The Swingin' Parrott Pub
Location: Winsted, CT

I want to love this bar (the food and atmosphere are great), but there's one huge problem: no 'Gansett. I feel that they're almost obligated to carry it, as much of the wall space is adorned with Red Sox and Celtics memorabilia. I see that they also even use Narragansett coasters, which leads me to believe that a representative has been there at some point. Anyway, if you could influence them to get rid of the Pabst and Coors crap and start serving up a New England original lager, I'd be very grateful!

Posted by: Patrick       

In the Raw Sushi. Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Posted by: Stuart Ross       

While visiting Boston this past weekend I was introduced to Gansett Lager by a native relative. I must thank you for such a great product. I am a proud UAW Local 974 member that lives in Washington, IL and can't imagine not ever tasting the heaven in a can that's called Gansett. So I ask is there any source for someone in the Midwest specifically Illinois that has your product or can I have it shipped. Please don't make me just drink this Budweiser crap we have around here.

Posted by: Michael Knight       

The UPub on campus at UMass Amherst doesn't carry 'gansett, and if they did God knows I and many others would buy it every time we went there!

Posted by: Justin Petraitis       

Silver creek saloon Belleville Illinois.

Randalls liquor Fairview heights Illinois

Posted by: corey sudja       

Sam's Clubs in Maine. Shaws and Hannaford food stores. Find more outlets to sell your beer. I can get it when I visit Maine but hard to find. Mostly mom and pop beer stores and bars.

Posted by: Andrew Stowell       

Parkside, EG

Posted by: Yelhsa       

Would really love to have some 'Gansett available in Virginia. Ship some to our local Total Wine distributors, PLEASE! I'll buy cases REGULARLY if we start getting it down here!

Total Wine & More
1600 Crossways Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320
(757) 420-6404

Give them a call and let them know they need 'Gansett in their stores!!!!

Posted by: Brian Stovall       

I get my gansett at a local market love the lager and the fest and the bock are fantastic if you like craft brews try the bock before its gone for the season lets bring the brewery back to New England

Posted by: Frank G Kendal       

Pete's wicked used to have a great winter brew,don't know if they are still in about a winter brew with a touch o raspberry?

Posted by: Jason grader       

We need Gansett in the Midwest...preferably near Kansas City. But anywhere within a 1-day drive will work me.

Posted by: Ryan Schreckenghaust       

Get Gansett back in New England!

Posted by: Gus       

Bring 'Gansett to Ohio!!!

Posted by: Donny Phillips       

Sweeny's in Wakefield, RI
I worked for a local Industrial Supply in Providwence driving a delivery truck. I looked forward to delivering to Gansett. I was always treated to a fresh cold one. One day I was introduced to Private Stock, wow! Knock your socks off beer! I came back to Gansett when the brand came home. The new owners have got it right. My second refrig is always in some state of full.

Let's get the brewery back home in RI and brewed with our Scituate water!

Posted by: Ed Jackson       

Hi there, I just ordered and added 'Gansett to my beer list and am hoping to make it an instant best seller. I'm a Maine boy and my restaurant has a strong New England bent. Narragansett was my dads beer - and I think the first one I snuck a swig of when he wasn't looking. I'm glad your fighting for it. Best of Luck! Reg
Booker's Backyard
Ithaca, NY

Posted by: Reginald \"Reg\" Briggs       

Jersey Street Liquors, Local store that doesn't carry Gansett

Posted by: William Clune       

Is your cream ale the same recipe as Genny Cream Ale? I know they do some a lot of contract brewing for you. Can you sell the same beer in different cans? I'm from Rochester and now live in Pittsfield, MA so I'm a fan of both 'Gansett and Genny,

Posted by: George Schaller       

Would like to buy gansett in georgia. Any place in atlanta sell gansett?
Have not had a gansett since 1975. Sure would like some!!!

Thank you

Posted by: Carl Matricardi       

We need to get Gannsett and some of your Micro versions in the Buy Right Liquor Chain in NJ. The two that I shop at most are in Chatham, and Livingston.

Posted by: Mr. Ghostie       

How can I learn more about this project?

Posted by: Anson Hall       

I want to purchase a case for myself. I'm from NH, and I love your beer. There's no way to get it down here in TN where I'm staying with my in-laws for the winter. Any chance to get ahold of one?

Posted by: Brian Cavanaugh       

cattails bar and grill
6405 Bemidji ave ne
Bemidji Mn 56601
I am a Rohde Islander looking to see if its a chance to see a gansett in this frozen tundra HELP!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Troy Parsons       

Whoa I remember drinking a lot of this beer when I was 18 in NH,now 60 and brewing my own as of one yr., ago and it was legal then. Bert's Better beers is just down the street from me in Hooksett, NH; I will pick up a six pack. Old memories never die! Horah for a gansett!! Thanks Narragansett.

Posted by: Gary Hennessey       

US Navy Exchange or Total Wine. I am Active Duty Navy stationed in Virginia. Born and Raised in West Warwick, RI. I would love to be able to get 'Gansett down here. Whenever I have a friend going up to RI or family coming down, I have them pick some up for me. Especially with the Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout out. Cheers and hope to see it soon!

Posted by: Christopher Perras       

Bought a tall boy 6 pack in Miami FL at a Trader Joes, great beer will continue to buy if i can find it.

Posted by: Angelo Semeraro       

Hi Mark,

I'm from Malaysia (located at south east asia) I have recently watched an episode of Bloomberg program on how you have revive an century old brand beer.
I have a funny idea to bring such great brand/beer to my country/region even the majority of the popular does not consume beer but there always a market place for great tasting beer!
It may sound silly but I think it's a great opportunity in south east asia market.

Thank you very much,

Posted by: Alan       

I have been an avid GANSETT drinker all my life and I remember my grand pappy doing boiler makers with Narragansett.I'm in a high energy rock band out of Boston called The Ungraded.We will be making a video very soon and we would like 2 feature your beer.I am hoping for your blessing and sponsorship.This could be a very cool opportunity for both of us. Sincerely Dean Calamari--------( you can find our new demo on Face book The Ungraded ).CHEERS

Posted by: Dean Calamari       

The Raven Cafe

Posted by: Eric       

D&L Liquors Waltham MA.
Just bought a six pack for no reason but, I remember this beer when I
was very young. I absolutely love it. Hope you reach your goal. I'll do my best to support the cause.

Posted by: Paul Leonelli       

How do I order gannet for a bar in Hunterdon county New Jersey?

Posted by: Bill Ohnmacht       

Get the standard Lager at Regan's oyster Bar - Port St. Joe Beach FL !

Are you shipping the pilsner to Florida? I cannot find it.


Posted by: glenn johnson       

Byrne Dairy Galeville in Liverpool, NY 13088

Posted by: Mike McCarthy       

Murphy's & The Office, Ridgewood NJ

Posted by: Kathleen Sharkey       

I purchase most of my beer at the naval station package store. They do carry the lager but nothing else. If there were a local brewery they would support the local economy and stock all the differant types of naragansett beer.

Posted by: Michael Sturgeon       

We finally got your porter like a year or so ago in nashua,NH and we love it!

Posted by: Joseph Parzych       

I'm a Kentuckian, currently in Kansas, that lived in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for 2 years. I fell in love w/ Gansett while I lived there, but unfortunately only get to enjoy it when I return to Providence to visit friends. I'd love to be able to buy Gansett in the Topeka, KS, or Kansas City, MO area. Please make this happen!

Posted by: Andy       

My locals do both. I am very pleased with the Fest this year. And look forward to Beerfest this Saturday, 11/9 in Providence. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Andrew Cullen       

As a New England girl Narragansett is my beer but since living in Texas, I only get to enjoy it when I'm home in New England. I buy cases when I get the chance to bring them home with me and I tell all my regulars about it at the bar I work at (Mavericks Country Rock Bar -- Austin, TX!). Best of luck getting the funds guys and think of us in the south and west when you hit it big and expand!

Posted by: Sarah       

I tried the lager at Wings etc. in Shelby NC last Friday. What a great beer! I wish I could find it by the case locally! I hope it will be in my local supermarkets soon!

Posted by: Doug Scates       

Village Wine & Liquors
Mendham, NJ

Posted by: Dane Devereux       

Pops Liquors in Cumberland

Posted by: Madonna Singleton       

Narragansett Lager is one of my favourite beers - and I love beer! Crisp, flavourful and refreshing, it was introduced to me by way of my favourite Manhattan bar, Ward 3 in TriBeCa.

Since moving to Los Angeles for work, I'm so thirsty!! My local grocer in NYC (Whole Foods) carried it but in California - even in most of the West it is nowhere to be found. I'd go out of my way to buy it on draught or in cans, but except for those I can grab at the package stores when I go back to Mass - nothin'!

My suggestion:

Build that New England brewery but Go West to raise those funds!

Happy Drinkin’.

Posted by: Luther       

Ted's Spirit Shop
125 N Eagleville Rd
Storrs, CT 06268

The need some gansett!

Posted by: Gregory Mills       

Any place in Columbus ohio. Or even any place in ohio.....

Posted by: James w.       

Bar of choice: Ocean Mist, Matunuck, RI
Packie of choice: O'Neil's, Narragansett, RI

Narragansett Beer belongs in Rhode Island! Every time I drive past the brewery sign in the rotary, I wish there was an actual brewery in Narragansett. If you decide to open one, I'll be the first one to apply for a job there!

Posted by: Andrea       

ABC want coster answers

Posted by: melissa morrissey       

Milmay Tavern 1202 Tuckahoe Road Milmay, NJ
There is no Narragansett beer sales in New Jersey. We need you here. Help use out...

Posted by: Frank DeFeo