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The Made On Honor Series

The Made On Honor Series

The Made On Honor Series

This year is a special year for Narragansett. Not only will we be turning 125 in December, but this June actually marks our 10th Anniversary of the brand declaring its independence and returning to Rhode Island.

In the past 10 years we have watched New England, and more specifically, Rhode Island become a hotbed for passionate artists, makers, chefs, and retailers who deeply care about their crafts, the products they produce, and the items they carry.

We have been lucky enough to meet and befriend so many craftsmen and craftswomen in this community over the years. Not only is what they do incredibly breathtaking, but the way they treat their neighbors, their outlook on life, and their sheer dedication to pushing themselves further and honing their craft is profoundly inspiring. To us, that is the definition of “Made On Honor”, and we feel that these amazing people deserve our attention.

We’re here because of the help and support of our community. We will never forget that. We feel that it is our responsibility to pay that support forward and help our community grow. So please, meet some of our neighbors. They have inspired us, and we’re sure they’ll do the same for you.

– Narragansett Brewing Co.


Date:  April 30, 2015
Company:  Narragansett Beer
Website:  Click here