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Parlor Skis

Parlor Skis

Parlor Skis

Above all else, Parlor Skis’ co-founders Mark Wallace, Pete Endres, and Jason Epstein love to ski. It’s been their passion, their obsession, and their fix since they were tikes. When the three first met racing down the slopes of NCAA’s eastern racing circuit they could never have predicted that a handful of years later they would be working together to craft New England’s premiere custom skis.

After college, Pete and Jason went on to start careers in renewable energy and real estate while Mark turned pro as a competitive international racer. Years later, Jason convinced Mark that people were making high quality skis in small batches.

“Two days later we were at Home Depot buying two-by-sixes,” says Mark. “For the next four years we worked on the process and then we were putting out these skis and everyone was like, ‘these are really good. I want to buy a pair'”.

What really sets Parlor apart from their competitor is their fitting process.  Their true passion is matching the perfect ski to the way you love to hit the slopes. Height, weight, and ability is only half of the battle, and that’s where most other companies stop. Parlor actually takes the time to hit the slopes with you, learn how you like to ski, your favorite runs, and your personal style. They help you realize what you’re looking for in a ski and they build it ground up for you. And if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, they’ll start over from scratch or refund your 100%. That’s a serious guarantee.

“At the end of the day this is really about creating high quality products. We do it this way that is more expensive (for us) and slower because it’s the right way to make really high quality products for people,” say Mark.

They pride themselves in constantly pushing the envelope and never settling. “Every year we want to look back and say that we’re way better at building skis for people than we were the year before. So we have that attitude where if we’re doing the same stuff this year that we were doing last year, we’re not improving to where we need to be. That’s just part of the culture here.”

Anyone who cares this deeply about the products they make are Made On Honor. Going the extra mile to ensure that the right product is perfectly matched and created for every customer – that’s Sold On Merit.


Date:  February 22, 2016
Company:  Parlor Custom Skis
Website:  Click here