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Cable Car Cinema

Cable Car Cinema

Cable Car Cinema

Founded in 1976 by Raymond Bilodeau, The Cable Car Cinema was built to be a haven for independent filmmakers, artists, and film buffs in Providence. The Bilodeau family prided themselves in creating a comfortable space to help foster and support the intensely dedicated community that they loved. Over the years The Cable Car became a staple in Providence’s historic East Side and a vital part of the city’s ever growing arts scene.

In 2008 The Cable Car found itself in some hard financial times which left their adoring community deeply concerned for its future. Enter husband and wife Daniel Kamil and Emily Steffian.

Daniel and Emily, filmmakers and enthusiasts themselves, moved to Rhode Island in 2001 and were immediately captivated by The Cable Car’s charm and mission. When hearing of the cinema’s troubles they felt the need to do what they could to keep it alive.

“Someone had come to me and said that The Cable Car was in trouble,” Daniel explains. “It’s kind of an institution, and to kind of let it go felt a small tragedy to us.”

Daniel and Emily decided to purchase The Cable Car and quickly went to work updating the aging cinema while still keeping the community they served and its eclectic style in mind. They sacrificed a few theater seats near the entrance to create a cafe filled with homemade sandwiches, salads, and favorites from other local institutions such as Silver Star Bakery and Bagel Gourmet. This has helped both keep the theater afloat and create additional space for the like-minded to get together.

When asked about the importance of keeping The Cable Car alive, Emily stressing the significance of having spaces like this for filmmakers. “Their light will go out if they don’t do what they need to do.”


Date:  January 18, 2016
Company:  Cable Car Cinema
Website:  Click here