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Aaron Bosworth

Aaron Bosworth

Aaron Bosworth

Innsmouth CarlyWhen we first asked Rhode Island artist Aaron Bosworth to help us design the label for the latest installment in our Lovecraft Series of beers, Reanimator Helles Lager, he knew exactly which piece of the story he would draw his inspiration from.

In HP Lovecraft’s story Herbert West: Reanimator, West and his accomplice develop a serum that bring the freshly dead back to life. The two became obsessed with resurrecting the dead and are constantly looking for events that may lead to their next specimen. One night at an underground boxing match, a boxer was killed in the ring and they brought the body back to their lab.

“It was the gruesomest part of the story for me,” said Aaron recalling the scene. “They grabbed him immediately, injected him with the serum, and it didn’t work. So they bury him, get rid of it, and start over.” Unfortunately West and his accomplice don’t wait long enough for the serum to take hold. “He comes back to life and he starts picking off victims in the neighborhood. He eventually comes back to the doctor, knocks on the door, and has a child’s arm in his mouth… it was so exciting and really terrifying and I thought that part of the story was the best way to bring the design to life.”

After completing the design, Aaron didn’t want the process to stop there. As a craft beer fan and avid home brewer, Aaron recently built his own home bar complete with draught beer system. Not a sculpture artist by trade, he decided to push himself further to create a custom tap handle for his bar. Once we saw the handle, we just had to ask Aaron to create a few more for us. In the video Aaron walks us through he process of sculpting the handle, creating a mold for it, and replicating the design.

Aaron not only creates inspired pieces of art, but he jumps head first into each project that he tackles and constantly pushes his own boundaries and continues learning if for nothing more than the challenge itself. That’s what Made On Honor is all about.


Date:  November 2, 2015
Company:  Aaron Bosworth