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Made on Honor, Sold on Merit



Narragansett’s family of classic American lagers and ales are brewed by guys who take pride in the beers they make, and joy in the beers they drink. Our beers are currently brewed in Rochester, NY at a brewery that’s been producing award-winning beers for more than 125 years. Our brewmasters use the finest and purest ingredients to ensure that what ends up in your glass is Narragansett at its very best—flavorful, drinkable, and refreshing.

5.0% ABV 12 IBU

3.8% ABV 10 IBU

5.3% ABV 30 IBU

7% ABV 72 IBU

5.2% ABV 30 IBU

4.2% ABV 24 IBU

5% ABV 14 IBU

8.1 ABV 60 IBU

5.5% ABV 22 IBU

6.5% ABV 32 IBU

7% ABV 28 IBU

8.6% ABV 35 IBU