Jul 2015

New Made On Honor Episode: Frog and Toad

Mom and Pop, Erin and Asher Schofield opened Frog and Toad on Providence’s historic Hope Street just over ten years ago. Their goal was to fill a shop with all of the wit, whimsy, humor and creativity they could find, while supporting the local community and being socially responsible. We’ll save their modestly and check that off the to-do list for them.

FT2Their eclectic collection is forever changing, but whenever you visit you’re sure to find a wide array of locally crafted items (many designed and made by Erin and Asher themselves) as well as Fair Trade and responsibly sourced handicrafts from around the world.

Behind the jokes and trinkets, you’ll find a caring mom and dad that absolutely love what they do and the people they serve. When not hunting for new items for their shelves or manning the register, Erin and Asher are working hard within their community to help make Hope Street a better place through equally fun and expansive events like the Hope Street Neighborhood Block Party.

Caring, hardworking, and armed with smiles for days, Erin, Asher, and Frog and Toad are completely and utterly Made On Honor. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

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