Jul 2015

Be a ‘Gansett Girl in the 2016 Calendar!


The water on the shores are finally warming up, and for us that means it’s time to start working on the 2016 Hi Neighbor Calendar featuring the lovely ‘Gansett Girls!

Each year we team-up with Providence Pinup and Suite Tart to ask YOU to be in our next Hi Neighbor Calendar. All you need to do is post your photo of choice and a quick line of why you want to be a ‘Gansett Girl to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IWannaBeAGansettGirl. You’ll then be placed in a contest where fans, friends, and family can vote for you and their favorites.

The top 10 finalists with the most votes will then head to Suite Tart in Providence for their chance to be one of 5 girls that will make their way into the final 2016 Gansett Girl Calendar. The two final winners will then take part in the calendar photo shoot in August, complete with pinup style hair, makeup and clothes at Suite Tart in Providence. Girls must be able to travel to Providence for the one-day shoot at their own expense and be 21 years of age or older. You’ll get to keep the photos for your own use and we’ll pick the best ones to be a month in the calendar! Awesome, right?!

Post a photo of yourself to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #IWannaBeAGansettGirl for a chance to be in our next calendar!

Good luck!

*Contestants must enter via Twitter and Instagram no later than July 14th. The voting portion of the contest will start on Wednesday, July 15th.

**Contestants who have appeared in a previous ‘Gansett Calendar are not eligible for the contest and will be removed from the voting.

***Contestant winners are both required to get themselves to Providence, RI for the Hi Neighbor Calendar photoshoot, and be on hand for a series of Hi Neighbor Calendar events.

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