Jan 2013

Hi Neighbor Heritage: Boston Garden 1958

Boston Bruins Hockey is back! ‘Gansett was always a big supporter of New England sports teams. It’s not always about the Red Sox and Patriots. Although, let’s hope this Sox season is much better. Bruins Hockey and Celtics basketball were and still are big parts of our sports heritage here. The C’s continue to kill it on the court and now the Bruins are coming back finally. It would have been a long winter without them. Both teams now play at the TD Bank Garden at what’s across the street from the old Boston Garden. Several folks probably remember seeing games at that arena and calling it simply just “the Gahden.” This photo was taken of the MBTA right next to the Garden in 1958 with a giant Narragansett Beer billboard behind it. A simple ad for a simpler time. Hi Neighbor, Narragansett Lager Beer!