Oct 2012

Hurricane Sandy Prep Essentials: Milk, Bread, Water, Batteries, Gansett


As Sandy batters down outside, everyone is checking their rations to make sure they are stocked up on the essentials. For some reason these always include milk and bread. Of course batteries and bottled water is always important. But there’s just something about a storm that makes us feel we really need milk and bread. It was the first on our parents’ and grandparents’ list, so why not. And don’t forget the ‘Gansett. Because there’s no better way to pass the time indoors during a storm than enjoying a tall boy or two. This is a great opportunity for our new tasting flight pack so you can taste a couple different varieties. Where ever you are, hope everyone’s safe inside. With that we leave you with another classic from Nichols and May. Figured this one was appropriate to enjoy given the current storm situation.