August 16th, 2012

Narragansett Beer Is Now Available In Wisconsin

Posted by: admin mat

We’re Expanding Distribution Beyond The East Coast For The First Time!

It comes with great pride that we announce our expansion into Wisconsin, marking the beer’s first move beyond the East Coast. Narragansett beer is now officially available for purchase statewide at area bars, restaurants and package stores.

We’ve partnered with Beechwood Distributing and Specialty Beverage of Wisconsin whose owners are former New Englanders and longtime supporters of the brand. “We are pleased to be part of Narragansett’s first rollout outside of the East Coast,” said John Sheehan, General Manager of both operations. “Narragansett’s classic American Lagers and Ales have a rich heritage and tradition similar to many longstanding Wisconsin beers. The company’s ‘Hi, neighbor! Have a Gansett!’ tagline is a great fit with the friendly and social Wisconsin culture.”

We were drawn to Wisconsin due in large part to their storied history with beer. Just as much of the state’s culture was influenced by an expansive population of German immigrants dating back to 1845, Narragansett Beer was first brewed in 1890 by the “Original Six” team of founders, an entrepreneurial group of German immigrants who brought their brewing techniques and expertise with them to Rhode Island. Further, Wisconsin’s beer business growth – 2,000 breweries the same year ‘Gansett was founded – subsequent decline during Prohibition, and revival in the 1980s closely mirrors the Narragansett story as well.

“Narragansett’s expansion into Wisconsin is an exciting step for our company as we continue to accelerate the growth momentum we’ve built over the past six years,” explains CEO Mark Hellendrung. “Personally, this is very much a homecoming for me as my entire family is from Wisconsin, and most of my childhood summer vacations were spent there. For more than a century, the state has been home to a great number of beer brands, and we can’t think of a better place to take our first steps beyond the East Coast.”

As sales reports come in, we’ll be updating our “Where To Buy” list on our website. There you can type in your zip and the list of stores and bars near you will pop up with an address. So keep checking back for more. For now, make sure you ask for Narragansett beer at your local bar or package store. Tell them, Narragansett is available and they can get it from either Beechwood or Specialty Beverage distributors depending on location.

The Narragansett release in Wisconsin was featured in both the State Journal and Madison Beer Review.

*Update: August 20 – Trixie’s Liquor Store in Madison is selling Narragansett. Visit them on Facebook.


This is amazing news. I work in RI for the summer but I live in WI and I could not be happier! I look forward to enjoying a cold one when I come home.

Posted by: Nicole K        August 16, 2012

I can not wait to buy this in Wisconsin! This just made my day! Any idea on expected delivery dates to the Milwaukee area?

Posted by: Andy        August 16, 2012

This is fantastic! I just told my dad and he is thrilled; he lives in Minnesota and is a huge fan of ‘Gansett after visiting out here in RI but can’t get it out in MN. I’m sure he’s going to hop the border and get some. Wisconsin (and maybe Minnesota soon?) is a perfect place for ‘Gansett, as it is the quintessential home of “workin-man beer.” Even though I can get all I want here in RI I’m so stoked for my Midwestern friends!

Posted by: Joseph McDonald        August 18, 2012

Hello Andy and everyone else from Wisconsin,
The distributors in WI are stocked and selling our beer now. As reports come in we’ll update our Where To Buy here. For now, keep asking for it at local retailers and let us know where you want to buy Gansett. Thanks for the support.

Posted by: admin mat        August 20, 2012

please keep the retro cans , it just tastes soooooooo gooooood

Posted by: tommy        August 22, 2012

Will you sell the coffee stout in WI?

Posted by: gus        December 19, 2013

Hi Gus,
This was a limited brew and we only distributed it in RI, Mass, and CT. If you know anyone in the area or will be here soon, look for it all big stores in the area.

Posted by: admin mat        December 27, 2013

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