July 12th, 2012

The Limited Edition Retro Cans Are Now Available

Posted by: admin mat

The moment you’ve all waited for is finally here. The limited edition retro can is now available in package stores where Narragansett lager beer is proudly sold. Featuring our award winning lager beer and only in 18 packs of 12oz cans, ask for these today at your local retailer. These are only available for a limited time and just like summer they’ll be gone before you know it. This is the same design the brewery used for their labels throughout the 1970′s. Yes, it is the same can that Quint crushes in JAWS. To celebrate, we are running a “Crush It Like Quint” contest. Recreate this memorable scene to the best of your ability with this can. Snap a photo and send it to us. The best and most creative “Crush It Like Quint” entry will win a Gansett prize pack including a Blu-Ray copy of JAWS. We’ll pick the winner on August 31st. Make sure you use the hashtag #CrushItLikeQuint when posting to Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr so we can find it. Or email it to us at contact@narragansettbeer.com. With that, we leave you with some fun facts about 1975 after this image of the captain himself.

Crush it like QUINT!

Here’s the list of the first few stores to carry them:

Rhode Island:

Christy’s in Chepachet, RI
Ocean State in Westerly
O’Neil’s in Narragansett
Haxtons in Warwick
Wakefield Liquors
Kingstown Liquors
Brickyard Wine & Spirits in Barrington
High Spirits in Providence
Bottles Inc in Providence
Campus Fine Wines in Providence

Kappy’s (Medford and Malden)
Downtown Wine (Somerville)
Supreme Liquor (Cambridge)
Cambridge Wine & Spirits
Curtis (Weymouth and Cohasset)
Blanchards (Allston and West Roxbury)
Brookline Liquor Mart (Allston)
Bradley Liquor (Fenway)


All Big Y Grocery Stores
Crazy Bruce W&S in West Hartford
Maximum Beverage in West Hartford
Harvest Wines in West Hartford
Trader Joe’s in West Hartford
Wise Old Dog in West Hartford
Town Line Liquors in Stratford
Cordial Shoppe in Old Saybrook
Valley Fine Wines in Simsbury
Putnam Plaza W&S in East Hartford
Bottle Shop in Unionville
Linda’s Liquors in Shelton
CT Beverage Mart in Middletown
Old Colony Package in Old Saybrook
Tony’s W&S in East Haddam


Austin Liquors both locations.

New Hampshire:
Gary’s on Deer Street in Portsmouth

Here are some fun facts in pop culture from 1975:

World Series Champions: Cincinatti Reds (Against the Red Sox. Same series where Sox catcher Carlton Fisk, a.k.a. “Pudge”, hit the homerun off the foul pole to win game 6.)
Superbowl IX Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers
NBA Champions: Golden State Warriors
Stanley Cup Champs: Philadelphia Flyers
U.S. Open Golf: Lou Graham

Famous quotes that started in 1975:
“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun”
- McDonalds

“I’d rather be dead than sing Satisfaction when I’m 45″
-Mick Jagger, age 33 – Didn’t they just tour not long ago and rock that tune?

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat”
- Roy Scheider, in ‘Jaws’

“The ultimate driving machine”

“Don’t leave home without it.”
-American Express

The big scandal of 1975: Union Teamster Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. Whereabouts are still unknown.

JAWS was released on June 20th scarring audiences so that beachgoers stayed out of the water and creating a shark frenzy to this day.

The laser printer was invented.

Kool-Aid man began appearing in commercials for Kool-Aid, although the smiling pitcher was the face of Kool-Aid since 1954.

The Ford F-150 truck was introduced.

‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ won the big five Oscars – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Writing.

The Herman Goelitz company introduced the gourmet jelly bean. The original flavors were: Licorice, Lemon, Grape, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Gren Apple, Tangerine

and Very Cherry. It was rebranded the ‘Jelly Belly’ in 2001.

Betamax (Beta) video tape was released.

Cost of a Superbowl ad in 1975: $107,000

Popular gifts in 1975:
Mood rings, Pay Day, Pong (home version), Six Million Dollar Man action figures, Playmobil, Pet Rocks, Trac Ball

Some of Billboard’s #1 hits in 1975:

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Elton John

Mandy – Barry Manilow

Please Mr. Postman – The Carpenters

You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt

Pick Up The Pieces – AWB

Best Of My Love – The Eagles

Have You Never Been Mellow – Olivia Newton-John

Black Water – The Doobie Brothers

My Eyes Adored You – Frankie Valli

Lady Marmalade – LaBelle

He Don’t Love You (Like I Love You) – Tony Orlando and Dawn

Shining Star – Earth, Wind & Fire

Thank God I’m A Country Boy – John Denver

Sister Golden Hair – America

Love Will Keep Us Together – The Captain & Tennille

Listen To What The Man Said – Paul McCartney & Wings

One Of These Nights – The Eagles

Jive Talkin’ – Bee Gees

Get Down Tonight – KC and the Sunshine Band

Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell

Fame – David Bowie

I’m Sorry – John Denver

That’s The Way (I Like It) – KC and the Sunshine Band



The best part of 1975:
Superbowl IX Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers
The first of SIX!

Posted by: Neil F.        July 12, 2012

Pudge Fisk hits is off the goalpost????WTF????Was he at the Garden? Hard to get any good traction on that ice. Or maybe he was playing at that stadium in Foxboro named after that beer you’d have when having more than one.

Posted by: Gansett Fan        July 12, 2012

Oh man ive been hoping to see this for years. i checked my local liquor stores where i get my gansett and nobody has it. do you know when or where i can get some in the new bedford region? cant wait!

Posted by: tom        July 15, 2012

when will it hit shelves in MA?

sorry to ask the same question again. seems like my last post got deleted.

Posted by: TZ        July 15, 2012

Cincinatti players were drinking Hudephol Beer. The brewery now brews Sam Adams Boston Lager in Cincinatti. How about those apples!

Posted by: John H Cressy Jr        July 15, 2012

can you buy the beer online and can it be shipped into Ireland

Posted by: Paul        July 24, 2012

Hello, I am the brewing manager for Big Rock Brewery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and happen to be a huge JAWS fan – I would love to get my hands on a can (empty or full) of your retro Narrgansett beer can! Can you help me out? I can be reached at : jhammell@bigrockbeer.com or 403-312-2905

Posted by: Jody Hammell        July 24, 2012

Any chance we get these in NC?

Posted by: Jon Simpson        July 25, 2012

Sorry. But NC didn’t bring any in. And unfortunately BeerJobber.com only ships to the continental US. So Ireland can’t happen either. Sorry about that Jon and Paul.

Posted by: admin mat        July 26, 2012

Are these available anywhere in Connecticut?

Posted by: Mark K        July 27, 2012

The cans are really cool….but the beer…brewed in Latrobe, PA. ..doesn’t live up to the high quality of the Rochester, NY brewed variety. It might just be my sensitive taste buds…but side by side the color, texture, smell and taste is far inferior to the regular brew. Too bad you can’t buy 1 can or a 6 pack….Iam now saddled with an 18 pack which is my beer allowance for the week. (weak).

Posted by: Stephen Kane        July 27, 2012

Yes they are in CT.

Posted by: admin mat        July 30, 2012

I checked my local stores but they carry Narragansett but they do not have them.

Can you list some stores in central Connecticut area that are carrying them? Thx.

Posted by: Mark K        July 30, 2012

Hi Mark,
CT is just getting them this week. All of the Big Y Grocery Stores should be the first to get them. Hopefully by the end of the week. They’ll be featuring them soon.

Posted by: admin mat        July 31, 2012

I agree with a previuos poster on the lower quality of the beer made at Latrobe, PA. Its just nowhere near as good as the cans and bottles made in Rochester, NY. I too did a side by side test recently and the PA cans are lighter in color and flavor, more watery, and have a nasty artificial sweetness to them. I would honestly rather drink some cheap malt liquor over the PA cans. Could someone pleaee explain this to me?

Posted by: Matt        August 1, 2012

They are at Gary’s on Deer Street in Portsmouth, NH as of 8/4/12.

Posted by: John Cressy        August 4, 2012

can anyone help me find a recording or transcript of the Nichols & May baseball commercial where she tries to announce a baseball game? I have searched high and low. Contains dialogue: And then the man will the ball throws it to the man with the bat and the man with the bat hits it…
I think it was radio.

Posted by: mary collins        August 5, 2012

Better Hurry it was canned May 10th.

Posted by: John Cressy        August 6, 2012

ditto Mark K. The cans are cool, but the beer brewed in Latrobe, PA. doesn’t live up to the quality of the Rochester, NY beer. It might just be me, but side by side the color, texture, smell and taste is far inferior to the Rochester beer. I will not buy any more beer brewed at City in Latrobe.

Posted by: Charlie B        August 6, 2012

Hi Neighbors,
The recipe is the same, but we acknowledge that the flavor profile is a little different due to the unique water & yeast at Latrobe. We have been working on adjusting the Latrobe beer to match the Rochester beer. If for some reason it still doesn’t meet our standards, we might have to stop brewing with Latrobe. In the mean time, thank you for drinking the Rochester beer!

Posted by: admin mat        August 7, 2012

Is the retro can available anywhere in Martha’s Vineyard? I’m here for JawsFest and thought, if anywhere, it would be available here. But retailers keep looking at me like I’m from Mars when I ask about it.

Posted by: Chris B        August 10, 2012

Hi Chris,
Believe the cans were at the stores there. Saw a few photos on line from some fans. But with the festival they were so popular they sold quick. Stores couldn’t even keep them on the shelves.

Posted by: admin mat        August 13, 2012

If I order from Beerjobber.com is there a way to request the “Quint Can?” I really hope so. Having just gotten the blu-ray I’d love to kick back with one of these and try to chug it a crush it like quint (the water and styrofoam cup that Hooper chugs and crushes just aren’t going to cut it for me!) Thanks so much.

Posted by: Matt        August 18, 2012

Did these ever make it to NY (specifically Long Island)?

Posted by: Steve        August 18, 2012

Hello Steve,
It doesn’t look like it yet. But possibly in late September we’ll get more out there.

Posted by: admin mat        August 20, 2012

Hello Matt,
Unfortunately, the retros available to BeerJobber are all sold out. Sorry for the inconvenience. This was a big hit.

Posted by: admin mat        August 20, 2012

#crushitlikequint vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqTyf8q5dLw

Posted by: P Perrone        August 29, 2012

Any updates on if we’ll be able to purchase the retro cans in the New York area or if beer jobber will get any more that we can order through there? Thanks!

Posted by: Mitch        September 8, 2012

Hello Mitch,
We are running some more retro cans this week. So they should be back in stores next week. Ask for them then. Thanks for your support.

Posted by: admin mat        September 10, 2012

The Retro Can is awesome! I love the 70′s design; you guys should do this every summer. But for the love of God please brew it in Rochester,NY. I know it has been said but the Latrobe (City) Brewed beer tastes wayy lighter in the malt profile and has a more watery finish. The LaCrosse,WI brewed batches in the past were just as bad. Thankfully the fine folks at Narragansett dropped that contract long ago:) I’ll keep buying the good stuff from Rochester… As a home brewer I do understand however that variations in water and yeast can change an otherwise great recipe.

Posted by: Tim C        September 24, 2012

really need to get some of this only problem………………I live in the uk. can I get it shipped-empty can or full & how much?

any help would be greatly appreciated!



Posted by: ian        November 7, 2012

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