April 18th, 2012

More Info On The Potential Brewery

Posted by: admin mat

With the recent news of Narragansett being the 50th largest brewing company in America, Mark took a detailed tour of the former Capital Records building in Providence. Located in Eagle Square at the corner of Harris and Eagle, this same building was once home to the Providence Brewing Company, but shut down due to hard times during Prohibition. In this video, Mark highlights some more details to his vision into making this a brewery. How would you feel if this was the new home of the Narragansett Brewery?

The Big Picture: View of the Capital Records building from across Eagle Square


How would I feel? This is the ONLY building you guys should be considering!!!!!

Posted by: Gregory Scott        April 18, 2012

Yes, please! This would be an amzing location! You’d be right on the trolley line too, so it would be easy for folks to visit. The only way you could top this would be if you got something in the jewelery district near your current offices, but this is definitely one of the best-case scenarios.

Posted by: David Rocha        May 1, 2012

Yes, this would be amazing. Any new news on brewery in ri plans?

Posted by: jed        June 27, 2012

It looks like a great facility. A convenient, accessible location for people to visit. A building with brewing history. And plenty of room for a biergarten!

Posted by: Carlton Vose        August 30, 2012

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