Apr 2012

Band Of The Week: John The Conqueror

When a Mississippi blues man walks into a big city bar and has a drink,
starts on a downward spiral of sex and drugs to the soundtrack of
Nirvana, Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age, John the Conqueror is born. Effortlessly fusing early blues lyrical styles, pentatonic mastery and the riff heavy sensibility of the early 70’s, John the Conqueror is an old soul in a new world while being a fresh breath in a room of stagnant air. Singer/guitarist Pierre Moore and drummer Michael Gardner have been playing the blues together since their early days in the backwoods of Mississippi. After a few years in Atlanta, they managed to find their way to Philadelphia, met up with bassist Ryan Lynn and took their roots and rocked them.  Since their emergence on the Philadelphia scene earlier this year, they’ve managed to rack up an impressive number of shows, record two free EP’s (the most recent released in late August 2011), and share their own unique take on the blues by combining it with their relished rock genres.