Nov 2011

Vintage: Narragansett Beer Jingle Demos On Vinyl

This rare gem from the 40’s came to us from the grandson of John Haley. He was the former marketing guy for the Narragansett Brewery that coined the phrase, “Hi Neighbor, Have a Gansett.” Our eyes popped and mouths watered when this came in. Pressed on blue vinyl, this baby contains 15 rare tracks of Narragansett beer jingle demos. Not sure which they used if any, but for the most part these jazzy numbers sing about Gansett’s refreshing flavor. We already gave it a few spins and are in the process of converting it into .wav files for all to enjoy. We’ll be sure to have them available as downloads when ready so check back. Until then we leave you with one of the best jingles used in an old TV ad. Hi Neighbor, Have a Gansett!