October 13th, 2011

Pick Gansett’s First Year Round Craft Beer

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Narragansett Beer is working on our first year-round craft beer style to be introduced in 2012, and we want YOU (our fans) to help us determine what that style will be.  Standing toe-to toe in this competition are two distinctly different styles of beer, CREAM & RYE. Please vote for which beer you think we should brew year round and leave your answers in the comments section below. We’ll be announcing the winning style just after Thanksgiving. We’ll also randomly select 12 lucky fans who vote below to receive one of the first six packs of the winning style. Here’s more on both beers:

Rye is a traditional Bavarian style of beer (Roggenbier) where up to 60% of the malt is made from rye rather than barley.  This style of beer was commonplace until the 15th Century, when after a series of bad rye harvests, the German law known as the Reinheitsgebot was implemented stating that beer could only be brewed with barley malt.  The modern version of rye beer is typically about 5% ABV and is fairly dark in color. The flavor is grainy, often having a hearty taste similar to pumpernickel bread.  This style started making a comeback in Germany in the 1980’s, and would be a “tip of the cap” to the original six German founders of Narragansett.

A cream ale is related to pale lager. They are generally brewed to be light and refreshing with a straw to pale golden color. Hop and malt flavor is fairly subdued. While cream ales are top-fermented ales, they typically undergo an extended period of cold-conditioning or lagering after primary fermentation is complete. This reduces fruity esters and gives the beer a clean, smooth flavor. Narragansett made a tasty Cream Ale throughout the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, and it would be great to bring a craftier version of such an easy drinking (but hard to find) ale style back to today’s craft beer enthusiasts.

Let the competition commence!  Let us know what you think!

The Narragansett Beer Team

SOME PEOPLE LOOK FONDLY BACK ON THE AGE OF THE MILKMAN. FOR US, IT’S THE BEER WAGON. From the late 1800′s to the 1970′s, no Rhode Island parade was complete without the ‘Gansett beer wagon, carrying styles from Lager to Porter —to a Cream Ale like this one, an easy-drinking ale with a smooth malt character. It’s a deliciously simple pleasure that reminds us of days gone by when the beer wagon and ‘Gansett Cream Ale were both so popular ‘round here. Taste & Enjoy!

AMERICA WAS FOUNDED ON THE IDEA OF FREEDOM, BUT RYE HAD A LOT TO DO WITH IT, TOO. Rye was pretty much the main whisky people drank here in the day of our founding fathers. So we thought it was high time to make a Rye Ale. The way we see it, Rhode Islanders were among the first to sign the Declaration of Independence, so we deserve to enjoy a true Rye spirit. Ours has a bittersweet edge and it’s a tad peppery, in a good way. Taste & Enjoy!


Cream Ale! Too many Rye beers out there already.

Posted by: ken        October 24, 2011

Cream Ale!

Posted by: Bob Short        October 24, 2011

I would have to vote for the rye… look forward to it!!

Posted by: David Stroum        October 24, 2011

I have to vote for the cream ale, rye has oversaturated the market.

Posted by: Chris        October 25, 2011

Gotta go with cream!! Would be a wonderful addition to the ‘Gansettt lineup

Posted by: Steve        October 26, 2011

I’m for Team Cream!

Posted by: Lauren        October 26, 2011

Cream ale FTW.

Posted by: Steven Sorel        October 26, 2011

I want Rye ,It makes the bast Vodka,why not Beer!
The only Cream A. I know of is Crap.

Posted by: g        October 27, 2011

I love ryes, but bringing back a gansett classic like cream would be cool. my vote is cream

Posted by: kevin        October 27, 2011

I’m sure the Rye would be great, but I’m more excited to see what the ‘gansett cream would be like. I vote cream

Posted by: Brandon        October 27, 2011

MUST have the CREAM ALE!!!!!!!!

Posted by: M Owen Santy        October 28, 2011

I would LOVE to pick up ‘gansett rye tall boys on a regular basis – just can’t go the cream ale route, sorry : )

Posted by: tas jr.        October 28, 2011

cream ale

Posted by: john k        October 28, 2011

Cream ale , please

Posted by: Pint Boy        October 28, 2011

my vote is for Cream!!

Posted by: Quinn        October 29, 2011

Cream all the way. Look at that can =)

Posted by: Andrea Novak        November 3, 2011

Let’s go with Cream Ale.

Posted by: Chris Kerwick        November 3, 2011

cream all day

Posted by: justin lorello        November 3, 2011

I’m a wry guy. GO TEAM RYE!!!!

Posted by: Ryan        November 3, 2011

cream ale please

Posted by: Joshua Medeiros        November 3, 2011

I’m jumping on the Cream Ale side o’the fence and I’m thirsty!

Posted by: glenn livermore        November 4, 2011

While a cream ale would be delicious and I hope that I see it in production some day soon, I think the cream ale style resembles too many other craft beers currently on the market. A rye ale is more limited in supply and would cater to those seeking something a little different. It would help Narragansett stand out from the crowd.

Posted by: Carlton Vose        November 4, 2011

Rye! RYE!!

Posted by: Christopher Welch        November 7, 2011

I really want both, but I’m gonna have to choose Rye Ale here.

Posted by: Wayne        November 7, 2011


Posted by: Bryan Maroney        November 7, 2011


Posted by: Mark        November 7, 2011


Posted by: Charlie        November 7, 2011

Gotta go with the Cream Ale.

Posted by: Mike        November 7, 2011

I’m voting for Cream. I would love to try a vintage Gansett style. BRING ON THE CREAM AND PICK ME TO WIN. I’ll shotgun all the beers I win if I get the six-pack.

Posted by: Jared        November 7, 2011

I vote for the Cream Ale.

Posted by: Will E.        November 7, 2011

Cream Ale! Sounds delicious!

Posted by: Taylor Butzbach        November 7, 2011

Both would be awesome, but I’m gonna go with Cream!

Posted by: Jill B.        November 7, 2011

Cream Ale

Posted by: Robert Plumer Jr.        November 14, 2011

Cream ale gets my vote.

Posted by: Shawn        November 17, 2011

I gotta go with the Cream Ale

Posted by: Friar Tuck        November 17, 2011

Cream ale all the way!

Posted by: Kelli Fili        November 18, 2011


Posted by: jerry hebert        November 28, 2011

Both sound delicious – wish there was a way to sample before choosing!
For now I’m gonna throw my vote in with Cream.
Hope I win a sixer!

Posted by: Rufus Qristofer Teixeira        November 28, 2011

There aren’t enough cream ales out there, let’s get another one in the mix!

Posted by: Dan Greenberg        November 28, 2011

Thank you all for voting. We just announced today that the Cream Ale has won. You can read more about it and see a video on our home page. Be on the look out for this to be released in March 2012.

Posted by: admin mat        December 1, 2011

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