Sep 2011

WBRU Presents The Blue Album – A Weezer Tribute At The Ocean Mist

95.5 WBRU, Narragansett beer, Anarchy Eyewear and the Ocean Mist present The Blue Album on Friday, September 16. Forget studying and your classes!!!! and come out to the back to school event of the year with The Blue Album!! If you love songs like Buddy Holly, Say it ain’t so, Undone, Surf Wax America etc… You don’t want to miss this!!!
$7.00 cover, 21+ w/ special guest: Titus DosRemedios.

Weezer’s “Blue Album” is one of the most influential rock albums of all time. Members of the bands Herra Terra, The Death of Paris, The Brother Kite, and Neo Nouveau have got together to form The Blue Album, the ultimate tribute to the album that shaped their generation.

You’ll hear Weezer’s Blue Album played live from beginning to end, note for note. Do not miss this! Wonder if they’ll change the lyrics in Say It Ain’t So to, “Somebody’s Ganny is drowning my ice box.” Instead of Heiny.