Sep 2011

Band Of The Week: She Rides

“We are a band. We are proudly sponsored by Narragansett beer.” Well then what more do you need to know. That about sums up rock ‘n roll the best way we know. She Rides is one of Providence’s finest hardcore punk rock and roll bands and they are playing tomorrow night at the Whiskey Republic with KnifeParty.  It’s only 5 bucks as it should be and from the looks of it, promises to be one hell of a Gansett slingin’ party.

The Whiskey Republic presents SHE RIDES and KnifeParty. Hardcore punk rock and roll at its finest.

SHE RIDES – They are a band. They are proudly sponsored by Narragansett Beer.


KnifeParty – By the time this show happens, Lemmy and Iggy might have already asked to open their world tour.


8pm doors, 9pm show.


BIO – What says rock and roll that hasn’t already been said before. What screams rock and roll is a band covered in sweat and blood. A band playing so hard that it seems they want pyrotechnics at the end of their set made of their bodies. A band that knows that you don’t need a song that is a million miles an hour to make you drive your car way too fast. All you need is great riffs played loud with a live fast die young attitude. So many bands mistake fast for intensity. Not so with Providence, RI.’s SHE RIDES. These sweat and alcohol fueled rock monsters formed in 2006 combining desperately dangerous vocals with big riff upon big riff of screaming guitars over what can only be described as the pounding of a driving music rhythm section. On SHE RIDES’ swath of rock and roll destruction have desecrated stages with the likes of GALLOWS, CANCER BATS, EVERY TIME I DIE, DISFEAR, VALIENT THORR, and THE BRONX in support of 2008’s S/T full length on STILLBORN RECORDS. SHE RIDES is what Bon Scott would have sounded like if he knew he was having his last drink. They are the beat that John Bonham would play if he knew the same thing and they shred like the riff Randy Rhoads would have played if he knew his plane was going down. That’s what music is all about for SHE RIDES, playing rock and roll like its the last thing they’ll do before they crash and burn. Look for new material and tours for SHE RIDES in 2011. For SHE RIDES playing rock and roll like its the last thing they’ll do before they crash and burn.