Dec 2010

GoLocalProv’s Great Gifts For Beer Lovers

GoLocalProv.com just posted some great gift ideas for beer lovers. You better believe ‘Gansett was on the list. Lots of people like giving nice bottles of liquor as a gift. But not everyone drinks fancy scotch. So why not give them some ‘Gansett and better yet a nice hat and t-shirt to go with it. Everyone loves hats and t-shirts. Here’s what they had to say about it.

3. Gansett Porter & Gear

For beer lovers who pride themselves on sampling the newest selections on the market, Narragansett Beer just released their annual winter craft brew, Porter, with a mild chocolate flavor and a hint of smokiness and hops to balance out the finish. Part of ‘Gansett’s heritage, the porter dates back to 1916, when during Prohibition, when Narragansett Brewing Company was one of just six given a patent by the U.S. government to continue brewing beer for medicinal purposes, based largely on the belief that porter had healing properties (similar to the “Guinness is Good for You” claim). Pair a pack with some ‘Gansett Gear, including coasters, pitchers, coozies, t-shirts, hoodies and neckties (or a surfboard), or design your own on their web site via spreadshirt.com.